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Athletics at the 1952 Summer Olympics – Men's long jump

The Men's long jump at the 1952 Olympic Games took place on July 21 at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium. American athlete Jerome Biffle won the gold medal.[1]

Men's long jump
at the Games of the XV Olympiad
DateJuly 21
Competitors27 from 19 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Jerome Biffle  United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Meredith Gourdine  United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Ödön Földessy  Hungary
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1956 →
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George Brown came into the Olympics having been the best long jumper in the world for the previous 3 years and the third man to jump 8 meters ever. But Brown's 41 competition win streak ended at the US Olympic Trials, where he barely qualified for Helsinki. In wet conditions, everyone was having trouble with their run up.

In the first round Meredith "Flash" Gourdine took the early lead with a 7.38m. Jerome Biffle, a former NCAA Champion at the University of Denver, was in second place with 7.21m and Ary de Sá was in third with 7.15m. In the second round Ödön Földessy jumped into second place with a 7.23m. In the third round the medals were decided, Gourdine getting a 7.53m to extend his lead, then Biffle carefully came down the runway to leap 7.57 m (24 ft 10 in) to take the lead. That 7.57 would be well within Brown's range but he and Henk Visser failed to get a legal jump in. Biffle also was unable to get another jump in, while Gourdine made three solid attempts but was unable to improve his mark, giving Biffle the gold. Földessy got off a 7.30m in the fifth round to assure himself the bronze medal while de Sá tied Földessy's 7.23 and would have had the tie breaking edge without the 7.30.


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows.

World record   Jesse Owens (United States) 8.13 m Ann Arbor, United States 25 May 1935
Olympic record   Jesse Owens (USA) 8.06 m Berlin, Germany 4 August 1936

No new world or Olympic records were set for this event.


Qualifying roundEdit

Qualifying Performance 7.20 (Q) or at least 13 best performers (q) advance to the Final.

Rank Group Name Nationality Mark Remarks
1 A Meredith Gourdine   United States 7.41 Q
2 A Jerome Biffle   United States 7.40 Q
3 B Neville Price   South Africa 7.36 Q
4 A George Brown   United States 7.32 Q
5 A Ödön Földessy   Hungary 7.25 Q
6 A Ary de Sá   Brazil 7.24 Q
7 B Henk Visser   Netherlands 7.21 Q
8 B Masaji Tajima   Japan 7.13 q
9 B Karl-Erik Israelsson   Sweden 7.10 q
10 A Paul Faucher   France 7.10 q
11 B Pentti Snellman   Finland 7.09 q
=12 A Leonid Grigoryev   Soviet Union 7.09 q
=12 B Jorma Valtonen   Finland 7.09 q
14 B Carlos Vera   Chile 7.07
15 B Felix Würth   Austria 6.99
16 B Sylvanus Williams   Nigeria 6.98
17 B Jorma Valkama   Finland 6.97
18 B Karim Olowu   Nigeria 6.96
19 A Toni Breder   Saar 6.88
20 A Brígido Iriarte   Venezuela 6.82
21 A Henryk Grabowski   Poland 6.77
22 A Nikolay Andryushchenko   Soviet Union 6.74
23 B Geraldo de Oliveira   Brazil 6.71
24 B Pat Leane   Australia 6.40
25 B Kamtorn Sanidwong   Thailand 5.31
A Avni Akgün   Turkey NM
B Khandadash Madatov   Soviet Union NM


Rank Athlete Nationality 1 2 3 4 5 6 Result Notes
  Jerome Biffle   United States 7.21 x 7.57 x x x 7.57
  Meredith Gourdine   United States 7.38 6.58 7.53 7.49 7.36 7.51 7.53
  Ödön Földessy   Hungary 7.04 7.23 x 7.17 7.30 7.12 7.30
4 Ary de Sá   Brazil 7.15 6.77 7.06 7.22 7.20 7.23 7.23
5 Jorma Valtonen   Finland x 7.06 7.16 x x 6.97 7.16
6 Leonid Grigoryev   Soviet Union x 7.14 6.92 5.55 x 6.67 7.14
7 Karl-Erik Israelsson   Sweden x x 7.10 7.10
8 Paul Faucher   France x 6.96 7.02 7.02
9 Pentti Snellman   Finland x 6.88 7.02 7.02
10 Masaji Tajima   Japan x 7.00 x 7.00
11 Neville Price   South Africa 6.40 x x 6.40
George Brown   United States x x x NM
Henk Visser   Netherlands x x x NM

NM — No Mark


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