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Athletics at the 1936 Summer Olympics – Men's marathon

The men's marathon event at the 1936 Summer Olympic Games took place August 9. The race was won by Son Kitei.[1]

Men's marathon
at the Games of the XI Olympiad
VenueStart and finish at Olympiastadion
DatesAugust 9
Competitors56 from 27 nations
Winning time2:29:19.2
1st, gold medalist(s) Son Kitei
2nd, silver medalist(s) Ernest Harper
 Great Britain
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Nan Shoryu
← 1932
1948 →

Marathon routeEdit

The marathon course started in the Olympic Stadium. After going around stadium, the starting field left the stadium through the Marathon Gate. The runners crossed the Maifeld and then turned right into the Angerburger Avenue. Shortly thereafter, it was then left into Glockenturmstraße and the first checkpoint after 4 km on the Havelchaussee. They went on the banks of the Havel along the Grunewald to the left side. The second checkpoint was 6 kilometers on Rupenhorn, at kilometer 8 of the third control point followed on Schildhorn. The Grunewaldturm was reached after 10 km, at the level of the island Lindwerder sending the runners southeast. At the end of Havelchaussee runners then turned left on the long, straight Avus. The course went on the race track to the Nordschleife, there returned to the rotor field and the previous route ran back to the Olympic Stadium. The athletes came through the Marathon Gate back to the stadium and then ran for about 150 meters to the finish line.[2]

This route differs from the present-day Berlin Marathon.

Korean athletesEdit

During the time of the competition, Korea was a colony of Japan, therefore Korean sportsmen competed as members of Japanese team and were using their Japanese names. The Korean names of Son Kitei and Nan Shōryū are Sohn Kee-chung and Nam Sung-yong respectively. After Sohn's victory, he bowed his head during the Japanese anthem at his medal ceremony and remarked that he was ashamed to compete for Japan, an occupying power, rather than an independent Korea.[1]


Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
  Son Kitei   Japan 2:29:19.2 OR
  Ernest Harper   Great Britain 2:31:23.2
  Nan Shoryu   Japan 2:31:42.0
4 Erkki Tamila   Finland 2:32:45.0
5 Väinö Muinonen   Finland 2:33:46.0
6 Johannes Coleman   South Africa 2:36:17.0
7 Donald Robertson   Great Britain 2:37:06.2
8 Jackie Gibson   South Africa 2:38:04.0
9 Mauno Tarkiainen   Finland 2:39:33.0
10 Thore Enochsson   Sweden 2:43:12.0
11 Stylianos Kyriakides   Greece 2:43:20.0
12 Nouba Khaled   France 2:45:34.0
13 Henry Palmé   Sweden 2:46:08.4
14 Franz Tuschek   Austria 2:46:29.0
15 Jimmy Bartlett   Canada 2:48:21.4
16 Émile Duval   France 2:48:39.8
17 Manuel Dias   Portugal 2:49:00.0
18 Johnny Kelley   United States 2:49:32.4
19 Miloslav Luňák   Czechoslovakia 2:50:26.0
20 Felix Meskens   Belgium 2:51:19.0
21 Ján Takáč   Czechoslovakia 2:51:20.0
22 Rudolf Wöber   Austria 2:51:28.0
23 Ludovic Gal   Romania 2:55:02.0
24 Robert Nevens   Belgium 2:55:51.0
25 Anders Hartington Andersen   Denmark 2:56:31.0
26 Gabriel Mendoza   Peru 2:57:17.8
27 Tommy Lalande   South Africa 2:57:20.0
28 Artūrs Motmillers   Latvia 2:58:02.0
29 Eduard Braesecke   Germany 2:59:33.4
30 Percy Wyer   Canada 3:00:11.0
31 Fernand Le Heurteur   France 3:01:11.0
32 Wilhelm Rothmayer   Austria 3:02:32.0
33 Bronisław Gancarz   Poland 3:03:11.0
34 Max Beer   Switzerland 3:06:26.0
35 Guillermo Suárez   Peru 3:08:18.0
36 Boris Kharalampiev   Bulgaria 3:08:53.8
37 Arul Swami   India 3:10:44.0
38 Josef Šulc   Czechoslovakia 3:11:47.4
39 Franz Eha   Switzerland 3:18:17.0
40 Wang Zhenglin   Republic of China 3:25:36.4
41 Stane Šporn   Yugoslavia 3:30:47.0
42 José Farías   Peru 3:33:24.0
Juan Acosta   Chile DNF
Franz Barsicke   Germany DNF
Tarzan Brown   United States DNF
Giannino Bulzone   Italy DNF
Paul de Bruyn   Germany DNF
Kazimierz Fiałka   Poland DNF
Aurelio Genghini   Italy DNF
Billy McMahon   United States DNF
Jaime Mendes   Portugal DNF
Bert Norris   Great Britain DNF
Luis Oliva   Argentina DNF
Tamao Shiwaku   Japan DNF
Harold Webster   Canada DNF
Juan Carlos Zabala   Argentina DNF

Key: DNF = Did not finish, OR = Olympic record


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