Athletes Village, Baku

The Olympic Village (Azerbaijani: Olimpik kənd) or Athletes Village (Azerbaijani: Atletlər kəndi), is a residential area in Baku, Azerbaijan. Although it was initially constructed as a residential area, after its opening, it served as an Olympic Village, dedicated for 2015 European Games and 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games.

Athletes Village
Atletlər kəndi
Athletes Village, Baku is located in Baku, Azerbaijan
Athletes Village, Baku
Location within Baku
Alternative namesOlympic Village
General information
TypeAthletic residences (originally)
Residential, offices (present)
AddressHeydar Aliyev Avenue 117, Baku, Azerbaijan
Town or cityBaku
Coordinates40°25′16″N 49°54′48″E / 40.421111°N 49.913333°E / 40.421111; 49.913333Coordinates: 40°25′16″N 49°54′48″E / 40.421111°N 49.913333°E / 40.421111; 49.913333
Construction started2008[1]
ClientMinistry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan (2015–2017)
Design and construction
Architecture firmAZINCO[2]
Other information
Number of units1,042


It is located in the Nizami District, in the north-western part of Baku, in front of the Olympic Stadium, which was the main arena for the event. National Gymnastics Arena is also located on the opposite side of the road going to Olympic Village. It consists of 13 10–16-storey apartment buildings and one administrative building. There are 1042 apartments that can house approximately 7,500 people.[3] It has a school that can receive 1,200 students.[4]

The residential area was initially going to be dedicated for the workers of SOCAR.[4]

There are two big restaurants in the Olympic Village. One of them cooks dishes of the Azerbaijani cuisine, while the other cooks dishes of the European cuisine. Both of these restaurants can receive up to 3,000 people at the same time and they work from 5 AM to 12 PM. There are numerous special centers – polyclinic, information center, gym and more – in the Athletes Village. There are 24-hour centers for leisure and entertainment.[3]

Although the Ministry of Youth and Sports announced that the apartments of the Athletes Village will be sold to the public in June 2017,[2] AZINCO then denied this statement, stating that the residential area will again be used as an Olympic Village, now for 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games.[1]

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