Atelier Crenn

Atelier Crenn is a restaurant in the Cow Hollow neighborhood in San Francisco, California. Opened in 2011 by Dominique Crenn, the restaurant became the seventh restaurant in San Francisco Bay Area to be awarded three Michelin stars by the Michelin Guide in 2018.[1][2]

Atelier Crenn
Restaurant information
Established2011; 10 years ago (2011)
Head chefDominique Crenn
Food typeFrench
Rating3 Michelin stars (Michelin Guide)
Street address3127 Fillmore St
CitySan Francisco
Postal/ZIP Code94123
CountryUnited States


Course number six at Atelier Crenn, called "The half moon, silky and smoky". This is a charred onion soup.

Atelier Crenn opened in January 2011. The restaurant is a homage to her father.

By 2013, the restaurant earned two Michelin stars making Dominique Crenn the first female chef to earn the distinction in the United States. In 2018, Atelier Crenn earned three Michelin stars for 2019 which again made her not only the first, but also the only female chef to do so in the United States.[3][4] Crenn earned the award "best female chef in the world", a distinction she is dismissive of as she believes there is no reason for gender separation in culinary skills.[5]

Atelier Crenn received a James Beard Award and joined "Michael Bauer's Four-Star Club".[6]


As of 2018, the tasting menu cost approximately $335.[7] The menu is written as a poem, each line is influenced by her father's teachings of art and expresses Dominique's childhood on a farm. The 12 course tasting menu heavily focuses on fish.[8]

The restaurant has been described as "wonderful balance of grace, artistry, technical ability and taste".[9]

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