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An Atash Behram (Fire of Victory) is the highest grade of a fire that can be placed in a Zoroastrian fire temple. The establishment and consecration of this fire is the most elaborate of all the grades of fire. It involves the gathering of 16 different types of fire, including lightning, fire from a cremation pyre, fire from trades where a furnace is operated, and fires from the hearths as is also the case for the Atash Adaran. Each of the 16 fires is then subject to a purification ritual before it joins the others. 32 priests are required for the consecration ceremony, which can take up to a year to complete.

Types of fireEdit

The 16 types of fire required for an Atash Behram are:[1]

  1. Fire used in burning a corpse
  2. The fire used by a dyer
  3. The fire from a house of a king or a ruling authority
  4. Fire from a potter
  5. Fire from a brick-maker
  6. From an ascetic
  7. Fire from a goldsmith
  8. Fire from a mint
  9. From an ironsmith
  10. Fire from an armourer
  11. From a baker,
  12. From a brewer
  13. From a soldier
  14. Fire from a shepherd
  15. Fire produced by atmospheric lightning
  16. Fire from the house of any Zoroastrian

List of Atash BehramsEdit

This is a list of Atash Behrams that still survive today.

Image Name Location Year Established


Iranshah Atash Behram Udvada 1742
Bhagarsath Anjuman Atash Behram Navsari 1765
Dadiseth Atash Behram Mumbai 1783
Vakil Atash Behram Surat 1823
Modi Atash Behram Surat 1823
Wadia Atash Behram Mumbai 1830
Banaji Atash Behram Mumbai 1845
Anjuman Atash Behram Mumbai 1897
  Yezd Atash Behram Yazd 1932


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