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Atahensic (also called Ataensic) is an Iroquois sky goddess that fell to the earth at the time of creation. According to legend, on earth a tree broke and left a hole in the ground leading to the centre of the earth. Atahensic fell from the sky and before falling into the hole left by the tree, she was carried down by the wings of birds. After her fall the birds brought her down the hole onto water. A giant turtle then emerged from the water underground and carried her to the surface on the hole. She then gave birth to Earth Mother. Earth Mother gave birth to Hahgwehdiyu and Hahgwehdaetgah, twin sons. (Good Twin and Evil Twin, Evil twin killed Earth mother by bursting out of her side during child birth.) Atahensic is associated with marriage, childbirth, and feminine endeavors in general.[1]

Hahgwehdiyu put a plant into his mothers lifeless body and from it grew maize as a gift to mankind. Hahgwehdaetgah his twin was an evil spirit.


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