At Point Blank

At Point Blank (Swedish: Rånarna) is a 2003 Swedish action film. It stars Mikael Persbrandt, Stina Ekblad, Sofia Helin and Peter Franzén.

At Point Blank.jpg
Swedish DVD cover
Directed byPeter Lindmark
Written byPeter Lindmark
Produced bySteve Aalam
Thomas Allercrantz
StarringSofia Helin
Mikael Persbrandt
Stefan Sauk
Stina Ekblad
CinematographyEric Maddison
Edited byMattias Morheden
Music byJohan Söderqvist
Röde Orm Film
Distributed byUniversal Pictures Nordic
Release date
  • 13 December 2003 (2003-12-13) (Lucia Movie Night)
Running time
105 minutes


The film involves a skillful team of professional thieves who hit several banks in Stockholm. The police investigation is led by 33-year-old chief inspector Klara (Sofia Helin) and Greger Krona (Stefan Sauk) who are led to the source, with a fatal exit.

Klara, a chief inspector of the Stockholm robbery commission, is in love with Frank (Mikael Persbrandt), a surgeon for Doctors Without Borders. The story opens during a bank robbery unlike any in Swedish history, carried out with military professionalism.

The thieves disappear with the money, and their escape car is found burning in a forest. Heavily-armed police surround the forest. Suddenly, one of the robbers starts shooting a police helicopter searching the forest, providing cover for the robbers so they have time to escape.

Klara and her colleague, Krona soon realize that they are not dealing with ordinary bank robbers. The thieves have information on bank delivery times, police work, safety, and their behavior is extreme. The hunt is intense, the villains' methods becoming frighteningly more sophisticated.


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