Astryna (Belarusian: Астрына) or Ostrino (in Russian: Острино ; in Polish: Ostryna) is a town in Grodno Region in Belarus. In 2015, its population is 1,847 inhabitants.[1]


The village is located 19 km north-east of Chtchoutchyn and 47 km east of Grodno.


First mentioned in 1450. In 1921, its population of 1572 included 1067 Jews.
During World War II, the city is occupied by German troops from June 1941 till July 1944. An open ghetto was established in October 1941. There were also Jews from others villages, including Vassilichki or Dembrovo. Shortly after October 12, 1941, about 80 Jews from the ghetto were executed at the Jewish cemetery. In Ostrino, there were frequent, isolated shootings of Jews, also in the Jewish cemetery At the end of October 1942, the ghetto was liquidated and the Jews transported to a transit camp in Kolbassino, south of Grodno. Initially jailed in the Kolbassino camp for about a month, with about 22 000 to 28 000 Jews from nearby communities, the Ostrino Jews were sent to the Auschwitz extermination camp at the end of November 1942. Bodies at the Jewish cemetery were exhumed a few years ago during the construction of a gas pipe.[2]


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Coordinates: 53°44′N 24°32′E / 53.733°N 24.533°E / 53.733; 24.533