Astro Box Office

Astro Box Office is a pay-per-view (PPV) system on the Astro platform in Brunei and Malaysia. It shows movies and occasionally sporting events.

Astro Box Office
Astro ABO.png
Owned byAstro All Asia Networks plc
Broadcast areaBrunei
Formerly calledAstro Showcase
Season Pass
Astro and Kristal-AstroChannel 115 (HD) (Tayangan Hebat)
Channel 200 (Sport)
Channel 241 (Thangathirai)
Channel 251 (BollyOne HD)


Astro Box Office launched in 2000 as Astro Showcase. At the time it carried mainly movies and it is free-to-air for some time. From then, a subscriber must pay RM 14.95 to view one movie. This could be achieved minutes before or even during the event either through a telephone or an on-screen menu and PIN system.

Season Pass was introduced in 2002, dedicated to showing sporting events.

On 1 January 2003, Astro Showcase and Season Pass were re-branded as Astro Box Office Movies and Astro Box Office Sport.

Since 2007, it was re-categorized into Astro Box Office Movies Thangathirai, Astro Box Office Movies Tayangan Hebat Movies Thangathirai is dedicated to Tamil films, while Movies Tayangan Hebat shows Asian and international films.

On 20 August 2014, Bollywood star Kajol has launch Astro Box Office Movies for the first time in HD as Astro Box Office BollyOne HD for Bollywood fans. Astro's latest channel would be available for preview from 1 to 18 September.

On 2 August 2019, the channel was upgraded to high definition (HD).


At launch, it showed mainly movies from all around the Asian region and the world, but since the launch of Season Pass, movies along with sporting events have become the predominant content.

Films are currently first shown on Astro Box Office between two and four months after its theatrical release. Astro Box Office Tayangan Hebat shows 8 movies for RM 10.55 monthly. Meanwhile, Astro Box Office Thangathirai is a channel that contains 4 Indian movies is priced at RM 6.95 monthly. Now for Astro Box Office BollyOne HD, its price is only for RM 5.00 per month.


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