Astore Valley (Urdu: وادی استور‎) (el. 2,600 m (8,500 ft)) is located in Astore District in the Pakistani region of Gilgit-Baltistan. The valley is covered by snow in winter. [1]

Astore Valley
وادی استور
An unnamed, 5400-metre peak raises jagged, snowclad ramparts above Astore Valley
Astore Valley وادی استور is located in Pakistan
Astore Valley وادی استور
Astore Valley
وادی استور
Floor elevation2,600 m (8,500 ft)
Length120 km (75 mi)
Coordinates35°02′20.3″N 75°06′36.9″E / 35.038972°N 75.110250°E / 35.038972; 75.110250Coordinates: 35°02′20.3″N 75°06′36.9″E / 35.038972°N 75.110250°E / 35.038972; 75.110250


According to the Imperial Gazetteer of India, around 1600:

Ghāzī Mukhpun, a Persian adventurer, is said to have married a princess of the Skārdu reigning family. The four sons born of this union became Rās of Skārdu, Astor, Rondu, and Kharmang respectively, and from them are descended the families of the present chiefs of those places. The independence of Astor ceased at the Dogra conquest.[2]

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