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Asteroid Zoo is a citizen science project run by the Zooniverse and Planetary Resources, to use volunteer classifications to find unknown asteroids using old Catalina Sky Survey data.[3] The main goals of the project are to search for undiscovered asteroids in order to protect the planet by locating potentially harmful near-Earth Asteroids, locate targets for future asteroid mining, study the solar system, and study the potential uses and advantages of people looking through the images over computers.[4][5] It was created along with the ARKYD project through Kickstarter, funded with just over 1.5 million dollars.[6]

Asteroid Zoo
Avatar asteroids.jpg
Type of site
Citizen science project
Available inEnglish, Polish
Created byPlanetary Resources; C. Lewicki, M. Beasley, et al.[1]
RegistrationYes, but not mandatory
Launched24 June 2014[2]
Current statuspaused

The AsteroidZoo community has exhausted the data that were available. With all the data examined they paused the experiment.[7] Asteroid Zoo produced several scientific publications.[8]

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