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Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods (French: Astérix – Le Domaine des Dieux), also titled Asterix and Obelix: Mansion of the Gods, is a 2014 French-Belgian 3D computer-animated adventure family comedy film written and directed by Alexandre Astier. It is based on the Asterix comic book The Mansions of the Gods, which was the seventeenth book in the comic book series Asterix by Goscinny and Uderzo. The film features the voices of Roger Carel, Guillaume Briat, Lionnel Astier, Serge Papagalli, and Florence Foresti. The film sticks to the book's plot very closely while also expanding on it.[3] It was the first Asterix film animated in 3D.[4]

Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods
Astérix - Le Domaine des dieux poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by
Produced by
Written byAlexandre Astier
Based onAsterix: The Mansions of the Gods by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo
Music byPhilippe Rombi
Edited bySoline Guyonneau
Distributed bySND Films
Release date
  • 26 November 2014 (2014-11-26) (France)
Running time
85 minutes
  • France
  • Belgium
Budget€31 million[1]
Box office$51.3 million[2]

The film was theatrically released on 26 November 2014 by SND Films in France across 696 movie theatres. It received generally favourable reviews and has grossed over $51 million on a €31 million budget.[5] It received an IFMCA Award nomination for Best Original Score for an Animated Feature Film. Asterix: The Land of the Gods was released on DVD, VOD and Blu-ray on 9 June 2015, by M6 Vidéo.



Julius Caesar plans to defeat the Gauls by encroaching on the forest near the village of Asterix and Obelix and building a new city named The Mansion of The Gods with the help of the architect Squareonthehypotenus, who he remarks builds buildings, most of which are still standing.



  • Roger Carel as Astérix (Asterix)
  • Lorànt Deutsch as Anglaigus (Squareonthehypothenus)
  • Laurent Lafitte as Duplicatha
  • Alexandre Astier as Oursenplus
  • Alain Chabat as Sénateur Prospectus (Senator Prospectus)
  • Elie Semoun as Cubitus (Marcus Ubiquitus)
  • Géraldine Nakache as Dulcia
  • Artus de Penguern as Petiminus
  • François Morel as Ordralfabétix (Unhygienix)
  • Florence Foresti as Bonemine (Impedimenta)
  • Bernard Alane as Panoramix (Getafix)
  • Olivier Saladin as Samus
  • Lionnel Astier as Cétautomatix (Fulliautomatix)
  • Guillaume Briat as Obélix (Obelix)
  • Serge Papagalli as Abraracourcix (Vitalstatistix)
  • Laurent Morteau as Agecanonix (Geriatrix)
  • Arnaud Léonard as Assurancetourix (Cacofonix)
  • Joëlle Sevilla as Ielosubmarine (Bacteria) and Matron 2
  • Philippe Morier-Genoud as Jules César (Julius Caesar)
  • Christophe Bourseiller as Sénateur Falérius (Senator Falérius)
  • Brice Fournier as Sénateur Pesticius (Senator Pesticius), Citizen 1 and Roman Brute 2
  • Florian Gazan as Travaillerpluspourgagnerplus
  • Sébastien Lalanne as Radius (Unscrupulus)
  • Franck Pitiot as Julius Humérus (Julius Monotonus)
  • Damien Gillard as Médius, Roman Brute 1 and Male Roman 2
  • Oscar Pauwels as Apeldjus
  • Benjamin Gauthier as Doctor, Guide and Male Roman 1
  • Pascal Demolon as Goth Gladiator
  • Baptiste Lecaplain as Numidian Gladiator
  • Louis Clichy as Roman Idiot
  • Virginia Anderson as Female Roman 1 and Matron 1
  • Pauline Moingeon-Valles as Female Roman 2
  • Julien Meunier
  • Martial Le Minoux
  • Vincent Ropion
  • Christian Peythieu
  • Jérémy Bardeau
  • François Raison
  • Matthieu Albertini
  • Hervé Grull
  • Juan Llorca
  • Antoine Lelandais
  • Magali Rosenzweig
  • Céline Melloul
  • Marie-Madeleine Burguet
  • Delphine Braillon
  • Axelle Bossard
  • Brigitte Guedj
  • Brigitte Lecordier
  • Aurélie Valat
  • Jean-Claude Donda


The English dub[6] was released in the United Kingdom on 19 August 2016 titled Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods.[7]

An international dub featuring a full Canadian cast was released on March 12, 2015 (in Singapore) with the following alterations:

Critical response and box officeEdit

Laurent Lafitte, Lorànt Deutsch and Alain Chabat were praised by critics for their performances.

The film was released on 26 November 2014 in France across 696 theatres and earned $7.64 million on its opening week from nearly 780,000 admissions placing at No. 1 at the box office ahead of Hollywood blockbuster films The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and Interstellar which were in their second and fourth weeks respectively. The film's opening weekend is also the third highest of 2014 in France. Its opening weekend outperformed other animated movies' openings of Frozen, Tangled, Monsters, Inc., Cars and The Lego Movie.[10] Jordan Mintzer of The Hollywood Reporter said, "Astier and Clichy manage to make the material at once enjoyable and meaningful, while also providing a series of slick, streamlined visuals that never overstuff the screens."[11]

Awards and nominationsEdit

Award Category Nominee Result
IFMCA Award Best Original Score for an Animated Feature Film Philippe Rombi Nominated

Home media releaseEdit

Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods was released on DVD, VOD and Blu-ray on 9 June 2015 by M6 Vidéo.[citation needed]


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