Astara Television Tower (Azerbaijani: Astara televiziya qüllə), is a steel 243.9 m (800 ft) tall Azerbaijani lattice television tower located in the city of Astara, on the southeastern part of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The tower is used for transmitting FM Radio and TV-broadcasting as well as being used as a mobile repeater.[1][3][4]

Astara Television Tower
Astara televiziya qüllə
Astara TV Tower is located in Azerbaijan
Astara TV Tower
Location within Azerbaijan
General information
TypeSteel lattice television tower
LocationAstara, Astara Rayon,  Azerbaijan
Coordinates38°29′3.24″N 48°50′11.39″E / 38.4842333°N 48.8364972°E / 38.4842333; 48.8364972
Construction started1981
Architectural244 m (801 ft) (approximate estimate)[1][2]
Antenna spire243.84 m (800 ft)[3]

The tower is 200 m (656 ft), excluding the antenna and a total height of 243.84 m (800 ft) with the antenna.

Design edit

The tower is a lattice tower with a horizontal cross and a guyed antenna at the tower's pinnacle.

Transmission edit

The Astara TV Tower transmits FM-/TV-broadcasting throughout the city of Astara. For more information, see the table below.[4]

Frequency (MHz) Polarization Program Year Language HMax (Maximum Effective Relative Height) PMax (Maximum Effective Power)
90 Vertical AzTV 1926-present Azerbaijani 56 .31
99.75 Horizontal ORT 1938-present 3.9
104.3 Mixed Araz FM[4]

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