Association for the Study of Literature and Environment

The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE), also known as ASLE-USA, is the principal professional association for American and international scholars of ecocriticism and environmental humanities. It was founded in 1992 at a special session of the Western Literature Association conference in Reno, Nevada for the purpose of "sharing of facts, ideas, and texts concerning the study of literature and the environment."[4][5][6]

Association for the Study of Literature and Environment
  • Az-lee
Formation9 October 1992 (28 years ago) (1992-10-09)
FounderCheryll Glotfelty
Michael P. Branch & others
Founded atReno, Nevada,
United States
TypeNonprofit organization
Professional association
Scholarly association
International branches[3]

ALECC (Canada)
ASLEC-ANZ (Australia – New Zealand)
ASLE-J (Japan)
ASLE-Brasil (Brazil)
EASLCE (Europe)
ASLE-UKI (UK and Ireland)
tiNai (India)

HeadquartersKeene, New Hampshire,
United States
environmental humanities
Membership (2019)
Managing Director
Amy M. McIntyre (2004-present)[1]
PublicationInterdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (ISLE)

The association hosts a biennial conference since 1995, alternating with symposia in non-conference years. Its journal is Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (ISLE), a quarterly published by Oxford University Press, in which the most current scholarship in the rapidly evolving field of environmental humanities can often be found.[5]

ASLE Presidents, Conferences and SymposiaEdit

This is a list of people who have served as presidents of ASLE since its inception in 1992. The biennial conferences/symposia held during their tenure are given along.[7][8][9]

# President Year(s) Affiliation Biennial Conference




Theme Venue
1 Scott Slovic 1992-93


Scott Slovic 1993-94 University of Tokyo
Cheryll Glotfelty University of Nevada, Reno
(1) Scott Slovic 1994-95 I

(9-11 June 1995)

- Colorado State University
3 Michael P. Branch 1995-96 I

(13-17 August 1996)

Japanese and American Environmental Literature University of Hawaii
4 John Tallmadge 1997 Union Institute & University, Cincinnati II

(17-19 July)

- The Last Best Place University of Montana
5 Louise Westling 1998 University of Oregon - - - -
6 Walter Isle 1999 Rice University III

(2-5 June )

- What to Make of a diminished thing: Restoration, Preservation, Conservation Western Michigan University
7 SueEllen Campbell 2000 Colorado State University - II

(15-17 June)

Food and Farming in American Life and Letters Unity College (Maine)
8 Randall Roorda 2001 University of Kentucky - III

(4-6 January)

Desert Crossings Big Bend National Park

(19-23 June)

- Making a Start Out of Particulars
Northern Arizona University
- IV

(24-27 October )

“Coming Nearer the Ground”: An ASLE Symposium on the South University of Mississippi
9 Terrell F. Dixon 2002 University of Houston -
10 Ian Marshall 2003 V

(3-7 June)

- The Solid Earth! The Actual World!: Sea–City–Pond–Garden Boston University
11 John Elder 2004 Middlebury College - V

(4-6 June)

Nature and Culture in the Northern Forest The Highland Center, Crawford Notch, New Hampshire

(23-25 September )

Globalization and the Environmental Justice Movement University of Arizona, Tucson
12 Allison Wallace 2005 Honors College, University of Central Arkansas VI

(21-25 June)

- Being in the World, Living With the Land University of Oregon
13 Ann Fisher-Wirth 2006 University of Mississippi - VII

(2-4 June )

Maine’s Place in the Environmental Imagination University of Maine at Farmington
14 Karla Armbruster 2007 Webster University VII

(12-16 June)

- Confluence: literature,art, criticism, science, activism, politics. Wofford College
15 Rochelle Johnson 2008 College of Idaho -
16 Daniel J. Philippon 2009 University of Minnesota VIII

(3-6 June)

- Island Time: The Fate of Place in a Wired, Warming World University of Victoria
17 Annie Ingram 2010 VIII

(18-20 June)

The Third Annual Rural Heritage Institute: Is Local Enough? Promises and Limits of Local Action Sterling College, Craftsbury Common, Vermont
18 Ursula Heise 2011 Stanford University IX

(21-26 June)

- Species, Space and the Imagination of the Global Indiana University, Bloomington
19 Joni Adamson 2012 Arizona State University - IX

(14-17 June)

Environment, Culture & Place in a Rapidly Changing North University of Alaska Southeast
20 Paul Outka 2013 University of Kansas X

( 28 May – 1 June)

- Changing Nature: Migrations, Energies, Limits University of Kansas
21 Mark C. Long 2014 Keene State College -
22 Catriona Sandilands 2015 York University XI

(23-27 June)

- Notes From Underground: The Depths of Environmental Arts, Culture and Justice University of Idaho
23 Christoph Irmscher 2016-17 Indiana University, Bloomington[10] XI

(7-9 June 2016)

Sharp Eyes IX: Local, Regional, Global: The Many Faces of Nature Writing State University of New York College at Oneonta

(8-11 June 2016)

The Heart Of The Gila: Wilderness And Water In The West Western New Mexico University

(21-22 Oct 2016)

Toxic Borders And Bondages: Intersecting Ecology With Capitalism, Racism, Heteropatriarchy And (Dis)Possession (Graduate Symposium) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Anthony Lioi Juilliard School[10]

(20-24 June 2017)

Rust/Resistance: Works of Recovery Wayne State University
24 Stacy Alaimo Jan 2018

- Dec 2019

University of Texas at Arlington (2010-March 2019)

University of Oregon (September 2019-)


(14-30 June 2018)

A Clockwork Green: Ecomedia In The Anthropocene A Nearly Carbon Neutral Virtual Symposium.

Co-Sponsored with the University of California, Santa Barbara


(26-30 June 2019)

Paradise on Fire University of California, Davis[11]
Jeffrey Cohen
Arizona State University
25 Laura Barbas-Rhoden 2020 Wofford College
Bethany Wiggin University of Pennsylvania
26 TBA 2021 N/A XIV

(6-9 July)

- Oregon Convention Center

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