Association for the Defense of Nature

The Association for the Defense of Nature (ADN) was founded in 1986 as a result of the concern of a group of people for the environment. It is a non-governmental organization that aims to protect and study nature in Andorra.[1] The ADN pursues its aims through three basic lines of action: conservation, study and information.

Association for the Defense of Nature
Associació per a la Defensa de la Natura
TypeNon-governmental organization
Area served



ADN carries out direct action of nature conservation:

  • Promotes planning to streamline the human presence (industrial, tourism, etc.) In the Valleys of Andorra.
  • Work for the creation of protected natural areas, suggesting areas, management measures, ways of sustainable use, etc..
  • Vigil for the safeguarding of endangered species, both animal and vegetable.
  • Claim effective solutions to the problems of pollution and waste.
  • Collaborate with other institutions to create, adapt and apply the laws of environmental protection.



ADN contributes to research on the environment and this protection:

  • Promotes and develops scientific basis for conservation actions and proposals.
  • Learn lesser known natural elements of our country, analyzing the situation and proposing measures for their protection.[2]



The ADN is to discover and appreciate nature and therefore:

  • Organizers:

Check educational tours to the mountain and protected natural areas Conferences, symposia and debates. Shares of environmental education with a solid scientific basis, in coordination with other institutions.[3]

  • Edit and spreads:

Informative publications on the natural heritage of Andorra and the need to preserve it. The periodical "Aigüerola".



It is affiliate to BirdLife International.[4] BirdLife is the largest world organization for the study and protection of birds and their habitats.[5]

Maintains contact and exchanges with many international organizations with similar objectives.[6][7]

Participates and organizes symposia and international conferences.[8]


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