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Associated Students of Washington State University

ASWSU refers to the Associated Students of Washington State University. This student government organization encompasses the Washington State University Pullman campus. The elections happen every spring the Wednesday before spring break. Voter turnout is consistently the highest in the PAC-12 conference.

Associated Students of Washington State University
MottoForward Together
Quinton Berkompas


ASWSU executive branchEdit

The Executive Branch currently comprises[1]:

  • Quinton Berkompas (President)
  • Jhordin Prescott (Vice President)
  • Grace Hendrickson (Chief of Staff and Finances)
  • Candace Quinn (Executive Assistant)
  • George Harris III (Director of Communication)
  • JaJuan Jackson (Deputy Director of Communication)
  • Eric Martinez (Deputy Director of Communications)
  • Matt Winchell (Director of University Affairs)
  • Samantha Cruz (Deputy Director of Student Affairs)
  • Grant Esomonu (Deputy Director of Academic Affairs)
  • Josh Maasberg (Director of Legislative Affaris)
  • Emma Adams (Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs)
  • Devon Porter (Director of Student Health)
  • Victoria Fitzpatrick (Director of Student Safety)
  • Francisco Ochoa (Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Veteran Affairs)
  • Alex Pan (Director of Community Affairs)

48th ASWSU Pullman SenateEdit

The Senate currently comprises[2]:

  • Taylor Heersink (All Campus Senator)
  • Grant Esomonu (All Campus Senator)
  • Chase Urquhart (All Campus Senator)
  • Grace Lim (All Campus Senator)
  • Bailey McCoy (All Campus Senator)
  • James Myers (All Campus Senator)
  • Jocelyn Granados (Uncertified Senator)
  • Rachel Kenitzer (Uncertified Senator)
  • Camille Naputo (Uncertified Senator)
  • Curtis Cohen (Uncertified Senator)
  • Lindsay Schilperoort (CAHNRS Senator)
  • Hayden Arend (Honors College Senator)
  • VACANT (College of Arts and Sciences Senator)
  • VACANT (College of Arts and Sciences Senator)
  • Synthia Alcantar (College of Arts and Sciences Senator)
  • A'Jenae Hardwell (College of Arts and Sciences Senator)
  • Diana Baldovinos (Carson College of Business Senator)
  • Karen Ngigi (Carson College of Business Senator)
  • Hannah Martian (College of Education Senator)
  • Kiera Rust (College of Engineering Senator)
  • Taylor Swanson (Murrow College of Communication Senator)
  • Hayden Arend (Honors Delegate)
  • Jelani Christopher (Freshman Delegate)
  • Monica Chavez (Freshman Delegate)
  • Serena Rex (Freshman Delegate)
  • Armando Valenzuela (Transfer Delegate)

47th Senate key legislationEdit

The ASWSU Senate is composed of representatives from each of the academic colleges as well as larger jurisdictions, such as all-campus and uncertified, with the role of legislating on behalf of the undergraduate students of Washington State University. One of the earliest key pieces legislation and projects under the 47th Senate (Fall 2017 to Spring 2018) was re-establishing the 'Issues & Forums' committee that fosters political discussion between different points of view, which was led by Senator Schilperoort of the Washington State University College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences[3]. Another major endeavor was renaming a plaza on campus on behalf of the Multicultural Greek Community at WSU, partly led by Senator Hernandez of the Carson College of Business[4]. All-Campus Senator Pielow authored bills to strengthen the independent and unbiased role of an election board[5], initiating requirements for all Senators to disclose their affiliated RSOs to tackle fiscal nepotism[6], and introducing new voter registration campaigns at WSU's dorms during the Week of Welcome[7]. Senators Parchem and Dalton, along with Delegate Brown, attempted to introduce a mandatory sports pass for all undergraduates at WSU, though it was eventually thwarted by Senator Pielow[8]. Honors College Delegate Arend had authored and passed a constitutional amendment that changed the position of Honors College Delegate into Honors College Senator, which was eventually passed and ratified by the voters[9].

Historical lobbying effortsEdit

ASWSU on all campuses recently voted to opt out of the Washington Student Association as a lobbying group. Campus leaders did not believe the lobbying group was providing enough for what student's were paying. ASWSU President (Pullman) Jake Bredstrand also remarked that the addition of community colleges in the lobbying group as it "brings in other schools that have needs far different from ours".[10] The campus newspaper (The Daily Evergreen) recently supported the decision, stating their opinion that "A coalition can be accomplished without a middle-man like the WSA and if it involves more direct talk between Washington colleges, then we all might find a way out of this budget crisis together".[11] ASWSU will now form a "Cougar Coalition" that will lobby exclusively for Washington State University.

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