Assensbanen was a state-owned Danish railway line on Funen, between Tommerup Stationsby on the Funen Main Line and Assens. The line opened on 31 May 1884 and was closed to passenger traffic on 21 May 1966. After freight traffic had lost its importance, the Minister of Transport decided to close the line completely.[1]

Opened1 June 1884
Closed21 May 1966
Line length29.2 km (18.1 mi)
Number of tracksSingle
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in) standard gauge

Trolley cyclingEdit

In the summer time, from 5 April to 21 October, it is now possible to ride the tracks the entire distance, about 30 km, on trolley cycles available for hire.

Possible starting points are Tommerup St., situated only 13 minutes by train from Odense, Glamsbjerg, situated 30 minutes by bus from Odense, and Assens situated 1 hour by bus from Odense.[2]


Somewhat confusingly, the station in Tommerup Stationsby is referred to as "Tommerup" owing to its earlier opening, whereas the now defunct station in the nearby town of Tommerup was named Knarreborg to avoid ambiguity.[3]

  • Tommerup railway station (Tp) in Tommerup Stationsby, transfer to the Funen Main Line
  • Knarreborg railway station (Kg) in Tommerup
  • Kivsmose Trinbræt (Kmt)
  • Nårup railway station (Hp)
  • Holtegård Trinbræt (Hgt)
  • Glamsbjerg railway station (Gm)
  • Koppenbjerg Trinbræt (Kbt)
  • Flemløse railway station (Fø)
  • Høed Trinbræt (Høt)
  • Ebberup railway station (Ep)
  • Kærum Billetslagssted (Kjæ)
  • Assens (Ac)


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