Assembly of Extremadura

The Assembly of Extremadura (Spanish: Asamblea de Extremadura;[1] also called Parlamento de Extremadura) is the elected unicameral legislature of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.

Assembly of Extremadura

Asamblea de Extremadura
Parlamento de Extremadura
Extremadura unicameral legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Blanca Martin, PSOE
since 23 June 2015
Vice President
Miguel Ángel Morales, PSOE
since 18 June 2019
Second Vice President
Fernando Manzano, PP
since 18 June 2019
María Ángeles Camacho, PSOE
since 18 June 2019
Second Secretary
Inmaculada Sánchez Polo, PP
Third Secretary
Fernando Baselga, Cs
since 18 June 2019
Asamblea de Extremadura - X legislatura (2019).svg
Political groups
Government (34)
  •   PSOE (34)

Opposition (31)

Length of term
4 years
Last election
May 26, 2019
Meeting place
El Pleno de la Asamblea de Extremadura.jpg
Parliamentary chamber
Mérida, Extremadura
Parlamento de Extremadura

The electoral period is four years.[1]

The Assembly of Extremadura is seated at the old Hospital of San Juan de Dios,[2] in Mérida, the capital of the autonomous community. The session room features a 5th-century mosaic found in 1978 near the Roman Theatre.[2]


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