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An aso oke hat (/ɑːˈʃk/; known as a fila in the Yoruba language) is a soft hat traditionally worn by the Yoruba people of Western Africa.[1][2] It is made of hand woven aso oke fabric, cotton, velvet, or damask. They are usually lined with cotton, but can be unlined if crafted to be worn for a single event.

The Oba (King) of Lagos wearing an aso oke hat.

Although these hats originated amongst the Yoruba in Nigeria they are worn by men of other African ethnicities and of African descent. Worn exclusively by men, the fila fits snugly around the head, and it is commonly worn pushed to one side, resting above the wearer's ear. However, it can be "shaped" in a variety of ways, according to the personal taste of the gentleman wearer. It is said by some that fila when worn to the right signifies unmarried man while worn to the left indicates a married man.

It is commonly worn with Yoruba causal attire and required wearing when dressing formally in an Agbada[1] (also made with aso oke, lace or cotton) or brocade dashiki suits. A notable instance of a fila being worn for a special occasion was actor John Boyega wearing one to the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premiere.[1]

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