Ask Aspel

Ask Aspel was a British television series produced by the BBC and hosted by Michael Aspel. The format of the show, which first ran from 1970 until 1973, featured a well-known guest who answered questions sent in by viewers, posed by Aspel on their behalf. The questioning was interspersed by requests from viewers who would write in asking to see repeats of their favourite clips from BBC programmes. At least one clip featured the featured guest of the week.[1][a] The show returned from 1976 until 1981.[1]

Ask Aspel
GenreClip show
Presented byMichael Aspel
Original language(s)English
First shown inUnited Kingdom
Original release1970–1973 –



  1. ^ Affordable and practical video recorders were not generally available until the mid-1970s.[2]


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