Asian Volleyball Confederation

The Asian Volleyball Confederation, commonly known by the acronym AVC, is the continental governing body for the sports of indoor, beach, and grass volleyball in Asia and Oceania. It has 65 member associations, located in the Asia-Pacific region, but excludes four transcontinental countries with territory in both Asia and Europe – Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, and Türkiye – along with Armenia, Cyprus, and Israel, which are members of the CEV.

Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC)
AVC logo
CategoryContinental sports organisation
Membership65 member associations
Founded1952; 72 years ago (1952)[1]
Regional affiliationAsia and Oceania
HeadquartersBangkok, Thailand
PresidentRita Subowo
Vice president(s)Cai Yi (senior)
Abdulaziz A. Albalool
Other key staffSecretary General
Kiattipong Radchatagriengkai
Cai Yi
Official website
Official language

The main headquarters is located in Bangkok, Thailand and the current president is Rita Subowo of Indonesia.

Board of Administration edit

  •   Rita Subowo
Senior Executive Vice President
Executive Vice President
  •   Abdulaziz A. Albalool
Executive Zonal Vice Presidents
Secretary General

Board Members
Female Members
  •   Fong Sok Van Alice Oliver
  •   Hila Asanuma
  •   Jehad Khalfan

List of presidents edit

  •   Masaichi Nishikawa (1952–1976)
  •   Nemesio Yabut (1976–1979)
  •   Yutaka Maeda (1979–1985)
  •   Yasutaka Matsudaira (1985–1996)
  •   Yuan Weimin (1997–2001)
  •   Wei Jizhong (2001–2008)
  •   Saleh A Bin Nasser (2008–2020)
  •   Rita Subowo (2020–present)

Member associations edit

Code Association National teams Founded FIVB
Western Zone (WAVA) (12)
BRN   Bahrain (M, W) Yes
IRQ   Iraq (M, W) Yes
JOR   Jordan (M, W) Yes
KUW   Kuwait (M, W) Yes
LBN   Lebanon (M, W) Yes
OMA   Oman (M, W) Yes
PLE   Palestine (M, W) Yes
QAT   Qatar (M, W) Yes
KSA   Saudi Arabia (M, W) Yes
SYR   Syria (M, W) Yes
UAE   United Arab Emirates (M, W) Yes
YEM   Yemen (M, W) Yes
Central Zone* (CAVA) (14)
AFG   Afghanistan (M, W) Yes
BAN   Bangladesh (M, W) 1973 Yes
BHU   Bhutan (M, W) Yes
IND   India (M, W) 1951 Yes
IRI   Iran (M, W) 1945 Yes
KAZ   Kazakhstan (M, W) Yes
KGZ   Kyrgyzstan (M, W) Yes
MDV   Maldives (M, W) 1982 1984 Yes
NEP   Nepal (M, W) Yes
PAK   Pakistan (M, W) 1955 Yes
SRI   Sri Lanka (M, W) 1951 Yes
TJK   Tajikistan (M, W) Yes
TKM   Turkmenistan (M, W) Yes
UZB   Uzbekistan (M, W) Yes
Eastern Zone (EAZVA) (8)
CHN   China (M, W) 1953 Yes
TPE   Chinese Taipei (M, W) 1954 Yes
HKG   Hong Kong (M, W) Yes
JPN   Japan (M, W) 1927 1951 1952 Yes
MAC   Macau (M, W) No
MGL   Mongolia (M, W) Yes
PRK   North Korea (M, W) Yes
KOR   South Korea (M, W) 1947 Yes
Southeastern Zone (SEAVA) (11)
BRU   Brunei (M, W) Yes
CAM   Cambodia (M, W) Yes
INA   Indonesia (M, W) 1955 Yes
LAO   Laos (M, W) Yes
MAS   Malaysia (M, W) Yes
MYA   Myanmar (M, W) Yes
PHI   Philippines (M, W) 2015 2021 2021 Yes
SGP   Singapore (M, W) Yes
THA   Thailand (M, W) 1959 Yes
TLS   Timor-Leste (M, W) Yes
VIE   Vietnam (M, W) 1961 1991 1991 Yes
Oceania Zone (OZVA) (20)
ASA   American Samoa (M, W) Yes
AUS   Australia (M, W) Yes
COK   Cook Islands (M, W) Yes
FIJ   Fiji (M, W) Yes
GUM   Guam (M, W) Yes
KIR   Kiribati (M, W) Yes
MRI   Marshall Islands (M, W) Yes
MIC   Micronesia (M, W) Yes
NAU   Nauru (M, W) Yes
NZL   New Zealand (M, W) Yes
NIE   Niue (M, W) No
NMI   Northern Mariana Islands (M, W) Yes
PAL   Palau (M, W) Yes
PNG   Papua New Guinea (M, W) Yes
SAM   Samoa (M, W) Yes
SOL   Solomon Islands (M, W) Yes
TAH   Tahiti (M, W) No
TGA   Tonga (M, W) Yes
TUV   Tuvalu (M, W) Yes
VAN   Vanuatu (M, W) Yes


* The Central Zone includes member associations from Central Asia and Southern Asia.

Possible future member associations from Oceania: Christmas Island, the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, New Caledonia, Norfolk Island, the Pitcairn Islands, Tokelau, and Wallis and Futuna.

FIVB World Rankings edit

Tournaments edit

Championships edit

The AVC organizes three championships, involving two of three FIVB disciplines (volleyball and beach volleyball).

Age-restricted championships edit

The AVC also runs various competitions restricted to a younger age.

Cups edit

The AVC organizes four cups for volleyball national teams in two divisions per gender.

Club championships edit

The AVC organizes two more championships for volleyball clubs.

Tour edit

The AVC organizes a continental tour for beach volleyball teams.

  • AVC Beach Tour (held in even year; involving two-gender tournaments)

Continental qualification tournaments edit

The AVC organizes four continental qualification tournaments, involving two of three FIVB disciplines (volleyball and beach volleyball).

  • AVC Men's Tokyo Volleyball Qualification (held once as Olympic Qualification Tournament; tournament's name was exclusive for 2020 Summer Olympics)
  • AVC Women's Tokyo Volleyball Qualification (held once as Olympic Qualification Tournament; tournament's name was exclusive for 2020 Summer Olympics)
  • AVC Challenger (held once as FIVB Volleyball Challenger Cup Qualification Tournament; involving two-gender tournaments)
  • AVC Beach Volleyball Continental Cup (held in three seasons as Olympic Qualification Tournament; involving two-gender tournaments)

Current title holders edit

Championship Cup Challenge Cup U–20 U–18 U–16 Club
Indoor Volleyball – Men   Japan (2023)   China (2022)   Thailand (2023)   Iran (2022)   Japan (2022)   Iran (2023)   Suntory Sunbirds (2023)
Indoor Volleyball – Women   Thailand (2023)   Japan (2022)   Vietnam (2023)   Japan (2022)   Japan (2022)   Japan (2023)   Sport Center 1 VC (2023)
Beach Volleyball – Men B. Salemi / Abolhassan K.
  Iran (2021)
Abolhassan K. / S. Shekarsaraei
  Iran (2021)
K. Puthanet / R. Saiphirun
  Thailand (2022)
Beach Volleyball – Women Naraphornrapat / Worapeerachayakorn
  Thailand (2021)
S. Fejas / Alisha S.
  Australia (2021)
M. Salinda / S. Samitta
  Thailand (2022)

Results (the 2013 edition was probably unofficial):[5][6][7][8][9][10][11]

Year Hosts Men Women
Champions Runners-up Third place Fourth place Champions Runners-up Third place Fourth place
U21 Beach Volleyball
2013   Chennai   Indonesia   Kazakhstan   Australia   Kazakhstan   Australia   Japan   Kazakhstan   Indonesia
2016   Kamphaeng Phet   China   Thailand   Thailand   Australia   China   Japan   Thailand   Australia
2017   Roi Et   Australia   Thailand   Thailand   Iran   Thailand   Japan   Indonesia   Vanuatu
2019   Roi Et   Thailand   Australia   Kazakhstan   Australia   Thailand   Thailand   China   China
2021   Nakhon Pathom   Iran   Thailand   Thailand   Thailand   Australia   Thailand   Australia   Thailand
U19 Beach Volleyball
2016   Vientiane   Thailand   Australia   Iran   Iran   Thailand   New Zealand   China   Thailand
2018   Nakhon Pathom   Indonesia   Thailand   Kazakhstan   Pakistan   Thailand   China   Kazakhstan   Indonesia
2021   Nakhon Pathom   Iran   Thailand   Kazakhstan   Thailand   Australia   Thailand   Thailand   Australia
2022   Roi Et   Thailand   Iran   China   Kazakhstan   Thailand   Thailand   Thailand   China
U17 Beach Volleyball
2016   Ratchaburi   Thailand   Thailand   Thailand   Thailand   Thailand   Thailand   Kazakhstan   Kazakhstan

U21/U19/U17 Beach Volleyball Medals (2013–2022) edit

1  Thailand (THA)1011728
2  Australia (AUS)4228
3  China (CHN)2136
4  Iran (IRI)2114
5  Indonesia (INA)2013
6  Japan (JPN)0303
7  Kazakhstan (KAZ)0167
8  New Zealand (NZL)0101
Totals (8 entries)20202060

Sponsors edit

AVC Continental Rankings edit

Top 20 rankings as of 24 September 2023
Rank Change* Team Points
1     Japan 334.34
2     Iran 243.55
3     Qatar 181.45
4     South Korea 137.46
5     China 134.52
6     Australia 118.27
7     Chinese Taipei 92.34
8     Pakistan 74.27
9     Indonesia 61.27
10     Kazakhstan 57.91
11     Vietnam 57.90
12     Philippines 50.71
13     Saudi Arabia 49.30
14     Sri Lanka 48.01
15     Afghanistan 47.06
16     Macau 45.08
17     Thailand 44.49
18     Bangladesh 43.02
19     India 40.23
20     Bahrain 39.98
Rank Change* Team Points
1     China 321.21
2     Japan 307.36
3     Thailand 218.61
4     Kazakhstan 111.25
5     Vietnam 94.82
6     South Korea 93.72
7     Chinese Taipei 89.16
8     Indonesia 47.97
9     Iran 46.64
10     Australia 44.12
11     India 40.19
12     Philippines 39.91
13     Macau 39.83
14     Hong Kong 38.47
15     Mongolia 24.53
16     Uzbekistan 5.86
*Change: n/a

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