Asian Squash Federation

The Asian Squash Federation was formed on November 29, 1980, at the suggestion of Pakistan and the "First Meeting of Squash Playing Nations of Asia", held in Karachi. The founder members were Bahrain, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

Asian Squash Federation
TypeSports organization
HeadquartersMalaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Region served
27 member associations
Hong Kong David Y.Y. Mui
Kuwait Fayez Abdullah S. Al-Mutairi
South Korea Tae-Sook Heo
India Cyrus Poncha
General Secretary
Hong Kong Duncan Chiu
Parent organization
World Squash Federation

Pakistan provided the first president, the headquarters, and the secretariat. The principles and objects of the ASF are:

  • To serve as the Squash management body in Asia and as such, to promote and assist in the development of the sport among its member countries.
  • To uphold and enforce the principal aspects of all organisational and technical rules of the sport, as decided by the World Squash Federation (WSF), and to:
    • implement the fundamental regulations for international competitive Squash; and
    • maintain a working relationship with the Olympic Council of Asia.
  • To maintain the authority and autonomy of its members.
  • To protect the common interests of its members through consultation and coordinated effort.
  • To collect, collate and circulate information amongst its members.
  • To assist members in promoting competitive Squash for the benefit of all member nations of the Federation.
  • To arbitrate if circumstances so demand on any Squash-related dispute amongst member countries.

Presidents Edit

No. Years Name
1 1980–1985   M.Anwar Shamim
2 1985–1997   Edward Jacob
3 1997–2001   Mokhzani Mahathir
4 2001–2009   Narayana Ramachandran
5 2009–2013   Dato' A. Sani Karim
6 2013-   David Y.Y. Mui


List of members Edit

Nation Federation President
  Bahrain Bahrain Badminton & Squash Association Hussam Bin Essa Al-Khalifa
  Bangladesh Bangladesh Squash Rackets Federation Mushfiqur Rahman Mohan
  Brunei Brunei Squash Rackets Association Abdul Hamid Abdullah
  China Chinese Squash Association Zhang Xiaoning
  Chinese Taipei Squash Rackets Association of Chinese Taipei Charles-C.Y.Chen
  Hong Kong Hong Kong Squash David Y Y Mui
  India Squash Rackets Federation of India K.S.Sripathi
  Indonesia Persatuan Squash Indonesia Syarif Bastaman
  Iran Iran Squash Federation Masoud Soleimani
  Iraq Iraqi Squash Federation Ali Jihad Ramadhan
  Japan Japan Squash Association Totsumi Fujigasaki
  Jordan Jordan Squash Federation Ramzi Ali Tabbalat
  South Korea Korea Squash Federation WonKwan Kim
  Kuwait Kuwait Squash Federation Hussain A. Al Maqsseed
  Lebanon Lebanese Squash Federation Mahmoud El Badawi
  Macau Associacao De Squash De Macau Cheung Lup Kwan
  Malaysia Squash Racquets Association Of Malaysia Dato' Syed Mustaffa Syed Ali
  Nepal Nepal Squash Rackets Federation Kishore Maharjan
  Oman Squash Federation of Oman Ahmad ben Hashill Al-Muscarry
  Pakistan Pakistan Squash Federation Tahir Raffique Butt
  Palestine Palestine Squash Federation Mohammed Abou-Loughad
  Philippines Squash Rackets Association of the Philippines Romeo M Ribano
  Qatar Qatar Squash Federation Nasser Al-Khelaïfi[2]
  Saudi Arabia Saudi Squash Federation Tareq Al Tameme
  Singapore Singapore Squash Rackets Association Desmond Hill
  Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Squash Federation Palitha Weerasinghe
  Thailand Thailand Squash Rackets Association Patee Sarasin

Events Edit

Junior Events
Asian Junior Individual Championships
Asian Junior Team Championships
Asian Junior Super Series

Seniors' Events
Asian Individual Squash Championships
Asian Squash Team Championships

Masters' Events
Asian Masters Championships

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