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Asclepiodotus (consul 423)

Flavius Asclepiodotus or Asclepiades (fl. 423–425) was a politician of the Eastern Roman Empire

Asclepiodotus was the brother of the sophist Leontius, and thus the uncle of Athenais, who in 421 married the Emperor Theodosius II taking the name of Aelia Eudocia. Eudocia favoured her family, exercising her influence over her husband to advance Asclepiodotus' career.

In 422, Asclepiodotus was comes sacrarum largitionum, while between 14 February 423 (the year in which Eudocia was appointed Augusta) to 1 February 425 he was Praetorian prefect of the East, and Consul in 423. He was deposed because he was denounced to Theodosius by Simeon Stylites for encouraging pagans and Jews and undermining Christians, a charge no doubt reinforced by the fact that his family was pagan, although Athenais had to convert to Christianity before marriage.


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Preceded by
Imp. Caesar Honorius Augustus XIII,
Imp. Caesar Flavius Theodosius Augustus X
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Fl. Avitus Marinianus
Succeeded by
Fl. Castinus,
Fl. Victor
Preceded by
Fl. Eustathius
Praetorian prefect of the East
14 February 423 - 1 February 425
Succeeded by