Arwed Roßbach

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Arwed Roßbach 1897.jpg
dwelling house, so-called Roßbach-Haus, Leipzig
Landgericht (former Amtsgericht), Dresden

Max Arwed Roßbach (also spelled Rossbach, 24 November 1844 in Plauen – 31 December 1902 in Leipzig) was a German historicist architect in the late 19th century.


In Leipzig he built a Gothic Revival styled facade for the Paulinerkirche in 1897. He designed a new building for the University of Leipzig, the so-called Rotes Kolleg in 1891/1892. In 1898/1901 he built the new building for the Deutsche Bank and later the Romanesque Revival styled Taborkirche, which was completed posthumously in 1904.

Roßbach built the municipal theater in his birthplace Plauen (1889/1899), the court building for the Amtsgericht in Dresden (1888/1892), and the Volkslesehalle (public library) in Jena (1898/1902).


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