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Arthur Wollaston Hutton (September 5, 1848 Spridlington, Lincolnshire – March 25, 1912 Blackheath) was an English clergyman and author.


He was a scholar of Exeter College, Oxford. He took orders in the Church of England in 1872, but under Newman's influence became a Roman Catholic, and from 1876-83 was a member of the Edgbaston Oratorian community. He changed his views, however: he married and renounced Roman Catholicism, and became known as an agnostic and free thinker.

For some years Hutton was librarian at the National Liberal Club in London, but in 1898 he was readmitted to the English Church, and from 1903 to his death he was rector of Bow Church, London. His absolute sincerity and great intellectual ability were recognized by all. He was the author of a Life of Manning (1892). On his deathbed he asked to be received back into the Catholic Church.



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