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The Kuwaiti modern art movement emerged in the 1930s. Kuwait is home to more than 30 art galleries.[1] In recent years, Kuwait's contemporary art scene has boomed.[2][3][4] Kuwait has the second most lively gallery scene in the Gulf.[5][6][7]



Kuwait has the oldest modern arts movement in the Arabian Peninsula.[8] Beginning in 1936, Kuwait was the first Gulf country to grant scholarships in the arts.[8] The Kuwaiti artist Mojeb al-Dousari was the earliest recognized visual artist in the Gulf region.[9] He is regarded as the founder of portrait art in the region.[10] In 1943, al-Dousari launched Kuwait's first art gallery.

The Sultan Gallery was the first professional Arab art gallery in the Gulf.[11][12] Khalifa Al-Qattan was the first Kuwaiti artist to hold a solo artist exhibition in Kuwait. He founded a new art theory in the early 1960s known as "circulism".[13][14] Other notable Kuwaiti artists include Sami Mohammad, Thuraya Al-Baqsami and Suzan Bushnaq.

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List of art galleries in Kuwait:


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