Artaxias II of Iberia

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Artaxias II (Georgian: არშაკ) or Arsuk (არსუკ) (died in 1 AD), was a member of the Nimrodid Dynasty and was a king of Iberia (Kartli, eastern Georgia) from c. 20 BC to 1 AD.

Artaxias II
King of Iberia
Reign20 BC – AD 1
PredecessorMirian II
SuccessorPharasmanes I
DynastyPharnavazid dynasty

According to a legendary account from the medieval Georgian annals, he was a descendant of Nimrod and Parnavaz through his father, Mirian II, and was a member of the Arshakuniani dynasty through his mother. Arsuk has to deal with the return of the exiled Pharnabazid prince Aderki (son of Kartam, adopted son of Bratman). In an ensuing battle between the two, Aderki emerged victorious and became king.[1]


  1. ^ Cyril Toumanoff tentatively suggested the identification of the Aderki of the Georgian sources with Pharasmanes I of Iberia known from the Classical sources. Rapp, Stephen H. (2003), Studies In Medieval Georgian Historiography: Early Texts And Eurasian Contexts, p. 285. Peeters Bvba ISBN 90-429-1318-5.
Preceded by King of Iberia
c. 20 BC – 1 AD
Succeeded by