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Arpège (pronounced [aʁpɛʒ]) is a 1927 perfume by Lanvin. It is considered to be one of the world's classic scents.[2]

Fragrance by Jeanne Lanvin
Type Women's fragrance
Released 1927[1](subscription required)
Label Lanvin
Tagline Promise her anything, but give her Arpège



The fragrance has been referred to as the "fragrance of 1000 flowers" and its official name is a derivation of the musical term arpeggio.[2] In fact, the perfume contains some 60 floral essences.[3] Like Chanel No.5, launched six years earlier, it is considered an aldehydic floral perfume.[4][5]

It was created by perfumers André Fraysse and Paul Vacher for Jeanne Lanvin and presented to her musician daughter Marie-Blanche on her 30th birthday.[2][3]

The bottle designEdit

The original black bottle with a gold top was decorated with a gold illustration of Jeanne Lanvin and her daughter, created by French fashion illustrator Iribe.[2]


In 1993, the perfume was reformulated by Hubert Fraysse, brother of André and founder of fragrance manufacturer Synarome.[6][7]

A special edition minaudière (evening bag) was launched in 2013 to mark the 85th birthday of the perfume.[3]

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