Arnuwanda I was a king of the Hittite empire. He became a ruler by marriage and was very religious. He ruled c. 1390–1380 BC (middle chronology).[1]

Arnuwanda I
OccupationKing of Hittite empire
PredecessorTudhaliya I
SuccessorTudhaliya II
Spouse(s)Queen Ašmu-nikal
ChildrenKing Tudhaliya II
Prince Ašmi-Šarruma
RelativesTudhaliya III (grandson)
Suppiluliuma I (grandson)


Arnuwanda became a king by marriage. His wife was Ašmu-nikal, daughter of king Tudhaliya I. He became a successor of Tudhaliya as his son-in-law. He began his reign under a co-regency with Tudhaliya. His campaigns include an unsuccessful expedition against the kingdom of Arawa.


Arnuwanda's parents are not known. He was a son-in-law of Tudhaliya and Nikal-mati. He had two sons, prince Ašmi-Šarruma and king Tudhaliya II. There is a very fragmentary text in which Arnuwanda names his son Tudhaliya as his future successor.


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Preceded by Hittite king
c. 1390–1380 BC
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