Arnaldo André

Arnaldo André (born November 12, 1943) is a Paraguayan actor for soap-operas. He spent most of his career in Argentina, where he has been active since 1964. He earned a Martín Fierro award in 2010, and his most recent work was in the Los únicos TV series.

Arnaldo André
Andrés Pacuá Zaracho

(1943-11-12) November 12, 1943 (age 77)
NationalityParaguayan, Argentine
Awards2009 Martín Fierro award


Arnaldo André was born in San Bernardino, Paraguay in 1943. His father died when he was aged 11, and he took care of his family since then.[1] He grew up influenced by American and Italian Movies, and initially intended to make a name in Argentina and, from there, move to other countries.[1] However, as his career developed, he did not follow this initial plan. He did not become a movie actor either, working mainly in TV telenovelas and productions by Alberto Migré a well known Argentine writer and TV producer in protagonic couples with Soledad Silveyra. His work in TV allowed some occasional works in theater and cinema, and also works at telenovelas in other South American countries.

Arnaldo Andre made many protagonic couples with Luisa Kuliok. His character from Amo y Señor was noted for his slapping of his wife.[1] The first slap was used in a promotion of the telenovela at its early stages, and the positive popular reception turned this into a cliché.[2] He kept on slapping his fellow actresses in later telenovelas, and always slapped them for real; which caused an incident with Giselle Blondet, who was not aware of it.[2] Arnaldo André retired his slapping act after Carlos Monzón was sentenced for the death of his wife, in a widely publicized trial.[2] Nowadays, Arnaldo André thinks that he would not do a similar character, because of the public concern about corporal punishment in the home.[1][2] He also thinks that feminism is greater now than in the 1980s, and a female character submissive to corporal punishment would not be considered realistic by the public anymore.[1]

Arnaldo André worked as the main villain of the Valientes telenovela, which is among the most successful Argentine telenovelas.[3] This was the first time he played character of a villain instead of a gentleman, as he thought he had exhausted the role during his career.[4] Even so, as a villain he used little physical violence, working instead like a crime boss.[4] He earned the 2009 Martín Fierro award as best male lead actor of telenovela with this work.[5] He worked during 2011 in the superhero live-action television series Los únicos.



Year Telenovela Character
1964 El amor tiene cara de mujer
1968 Ufa con el sexo
1972 Rolando Rivas, taxista Juan Marcelo
1973 Pobre diabla Ariel Mejia Guzmán
1974 Mi hombre sin noche Santiago Yáñez
1975 Piel naranja Juan Manuel Alinari
1976 Los que estamos solos Mariano Mayol
1977 El hombre que yo inventé Enrique
1977 Rafaela Juan José Hernández
1978 María del Mar Víctor Manuel Galíndez
1980 Fabián 2 Mariana 0 Fabián
1981 Tremenda Venganza
1981 Mi querido doctor
1983 Amor gitano Renzo Chamorro
1984 Amo y señor Alonso Miranda
1985 El infiel Mariano Romero
1986 El seductor Don Julio Olmedo
1986 El lobo Salvador Rivero
1987 El vidente Reinaldo Herrera
1987 Por Amor Bruno Sánchez
1988 Amándote Martín Arana
1990 Amándote II Martín Arana
1990 Romanzo Marcelo Cardona
1991 Río de fuego Augusto Luna
1992 Corazones de fuego Agustín Casenave
1993 Gerente de familia Juan
1996 Gino Luis A. "Gino" Spadalacua
1996 Verdad consecuencia Luis. A. 'Gino' Spadalacua
1997 Ricos y famosos Gerardo Murúa
2000 Pobre Diabla Andrés Mejía Guzmán
2000 Abrázame muy fuerte Dr. Ángel Luis Robles
2001 Felina Asdrúbal
2002 Lejana cómo el viento Jorge
2003 Soy gitano Lázaro Jesús Heredia
2004 Piel naranja años después Juan Manuel Alinari
2004 La Gorda y la traición Sebastian Prusi
2005 Ánimo Juan Juan
2006 Se dice amor Pablo Cuevas
2009 Valientes Laureano Gómez Acuña
2011 Los únicos Alfredo Monterrey


Year Film Character
1968 Ufa con el sexo (censored)[6]
1970 Los Muchachos de mi barrio
1971 Argentino hasta la muerte
1971 Balada para un mochilero
1971 Un guapo del 900
1972 Mi amigo Luis
1973 José María y María José: Una pareja de hoy
2008 La Extranjera Juan
2009 La Confesión
2009 El niño pez Sócrates Espina
2013 Lectura Según Justino As director


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