Armenian Semicoarsewool

Armenian Semicoarsewool (also known as Armyanskaya Polugrubosherstnaya in Russian) is a breed of domesticated sheep found in Armenia. A medium-wool fat-tail breed which is kept for meat and milk production. This breed was developed by crossing Rambouillet and Lincoln with Balbas.[1]

Armenian Semicoarsewool
Other namesArmyanskaya Polugrubosherstnaya
Country of originArmenia
  • Male:
    85 kg (190 lb)
  • Female:
    55 kg (120 lb)
Wool colorWhite
Face colorWhite
Extra notes


This breed displays white and is unicolored. On average, mature rams weigh 85 kg (190 lb) and grow to 74 cm (29 in). Ewes weigh 55 kg (120 lb) and grow to 67 cm (26 in) at maturity.[2]


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