Armenian Evangelical Guertmenian School

The Armenian Evangelical Guertmenian School (Armenian: Հայ Աւետարանական Կերթմէնեան Վարժարան) was founded in 1931 in Ashrafieh. It has kindergarten and six primary classes.

Armenian Evangelical Guertmenian School
GradesKindergarten - Grade 9
Religious AffiliationArmenian Evangelical Church

The last principal was Mr. Sahag Dedeyan, for more than 30 years.



In 1931, the Armenian Evangelical Guertmenian School (AEGS) opened its door with a Kindergarten and three Elementary classes, with the financial contributions of Mr. Costantine Guertmenian and Mr. Sarkis Devirian, of other Hajentzy Armenians living in the United States, and a grant from the League of Nations. In 1940, the first class of thirteen students graduated.

By that time, student enrollment had outgrown the original building. As the founders of the school deceased, their children decided it would be in the best interest of AEGS to grant ownership of the property and its operation to the Armenian Missionary Association of America. With a contribution from Mr. Stephen Philibosian and his assistance in finding new benefactors, funds were raised for the necessary reconstruction of the Kindergarten and elementary school buildings. Mr. Henry Guertmenian undertook the expense of constructing a new chapel.

The school prospered till 1975, when the Civil War started in Lebanon. In 1978, the school building was severely damaged by shelling and it was occupied by the militia of the area. But again, as soon as a ceasefire was announced, the classrooms were repaired and lessons resumed. Now, Guertmenian School has been closed.

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