Armed and Dangerous (EP)

Armed and Dangerous is the first EP by American heavy metal band Anthrax, released in February 1985 through Megaforce Records. The band produced the album with Carl Canedy and Jon Zazula acting as executive producer. This is the first Anthrax release to feature Joey Belladonna on vocals.

Armed and Dangerous
EP by
ReleasedFebruary 1985
RecordedPyramid Sound Studios, Ithaca, New York, 1984
GenreThrash metal
ProducerAnthrax, Carl Canedy, Jon Zazula
Anthrax EP chronology
Armed and Dangerous
I'm the Man
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars[1]
Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal6/10[2]
The New Rolling Stone Album Guide3/5 stars[3]

The 1992 issue includes the songs "Soldiers of Metal" and "Howling Furies" as its last two tracks. The line-up for those two tracks is Neil Turbin, Scott Ian, Dan Spitz, Greg D'Angelo (except where Charlie Benante rerecorded the drums), and Dan Lilker.[4] It was released as a double album (along with Fistful of Metal) in (Germany) in 2000.

The song "Armed and Dangerous" also appears on the album Spreading the Disease with a different mix, which does not include the fade-in intro leading into the initial acoustic guitar melody. That intro was omitted from the album version for unverified reasons but it is possible that it was for album continuity.

The song "Raise Hell" was an original Anthrax recording exclusive to the EP, and "God Save the Queen" was originally recorded by the Sex Pistols on the Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols album. Despite being marked as live versions, "Metal Thrashing Mad" and "Panic" are studio re-recordings of tracks featured on the band's debut album.

Track listingEdit

1."Armed and Dangerous" (special pre-release version)Neil Turbin, Joey Belladonna, Dan Spitz, Scott Ian, Danny Lilker, Frank Bello, Charlie Benante6:07
2."Raise Hell"Turbin, Spitz, Ian, Bello, Benante4:03
3."God Save the Queen" (Sex Pistols cover)Johnny Rotten, Steve Jones, Glen Matlock, Paul Cook3:02
4."Metal Thrashing Mad" (live)Turbin, Spitz, Ian, Lilker, Benante2:51
5."Panic" (live)Turbin, Ian, Lilker3:45
1992 reissue bonus tracks
6."Soldiers of Metal" (from the first Anthrax single, unavailable since 1983)Turbin, Ian, Lilker3:07
7."Howling Furies" (from the first Anthrax single, unavailable since 1983)Ian, Lilker4:07


Band members
Additional musicians
  • Neil Turbin – vocals on "Soldiers of Metal" and "Howling Furies"
  • Dan Lilker – bass on "Soldiers of Metal" and "Howling Furies"
  • Greg D'Angelo – drums on "Howling Furies"
  • Carl Canedy – producer
  • Alex Perialas – Norman Dunn – engineers
  • George Marino – mastering
  • Jon Zazula – executive producer


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