Armando Vilaseca

Armando Vilaseca was the former Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Education.[1]

After leaving Cuba in 1964, Vilaseca settled in West New York, New Jersey, a community with a significant Cuban American community. There he attended Memorial High School.[2]


Vilaseca served as a classroom schoolteacher in Georgia, Vermont,[3] before moving on to becoming a school administrator in his role as teaching principal in Reading Elementary School. He continued in this role at Westford Elementary and Middle School, Essex High School for ten years.[1]

He subsequently served as superintendent of the Colchester School District and of the Franklin West Supervisory Union.[1]

Vilaseca served as a government liaison job to the nation, assisting a delegation to represent Vermont's products.[citation needed]

Vilaseca also is a member of the Cuban American Friendship Society [4]

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