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Arkina (Armenian: Արկինա) was a small village in Medieval Armenia within the Shirak district and near the city of Ani.[1][2][3][4]

Arkina is best known for being the temporary seat of the Catholicosate after Ananias I of Armenia moved it from Vaspurakan in 959.[5][3] His predecessors lived on Agtamar Island but he found it better to seek protection under Ani's king and to establish himself on the mainland.[5] He lived in Arkina until a cathedral and palace were built in Ani.[5][6]

Arkina had a fortress and perhaps a cathedral, whose ruins are just west of the Tiknis border in present-day Turkey.[3][7] It would likely have been built by Katholikos Khatchik between 972 and 992; its remaining wall was damaged in a 1966 earthquake.[3]


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