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Arcadia "Arkady" Darell is a fictional character in Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series. She appears in Second Foundation. She is the daughter of Toran Darell II and the granddaughter of Toran and Bayta Darell (and through Bayta is a direct descendent of Hober Mallow), and becomes famous for writing historical novels and a biography of her grandmother Bayta.

At the age of fourteen, she spies on her father and his co-conspirators who are hunting down the Second Foundation. She stows away on Homir Munn’s spaceship when he travels to Kalgan to study the palace of the Mule. Lord Stettin, who is the ruler of Kalgan, initially refuses Munn’s request to study the Mule’s palace, but soon takes an interest in Arkady as a potential wife. Stettin’s mistress Lady Callia helps Arkady to escape, accidentally revealing herself to be an agent of the Second Foundation and leading Arkady to the location of the Second Foundation.

During her escape, Arkady decides to go to Trantor rather than Terminus. She has the good luck of running into Preem Palver and his wife, who live on Trantor. They help her in her journey, and when they arrive on Trantor, Arkady persuades Palver that he could profitably supply food to Terminus. Palver takes Arkady's clue to the Second Foundation's location; however, the Second Foundation has been carefully supervising the entire process, and they remain undiscovered on Trantor.

Fictional biographyEdit

Arkady Darell was born in 362 FE (12428 GE) on Trantor near the Imperial Library.[1] The nature of Darell's birth indicates that her mind was tampered with in order to run to completion the Seldon plan.[1]:p. 222 Darell's birth was contrived to be on Trantor for an intervention; she was the recipient of a control by the Second Foundation as a new-born infant as the emotional bias could remain undetected by brainwave pattern analysis in her blank slate of mind.

Darell's mother died on Trantor three years after her birth in 365.

Arkady Darell lived at 55 Channel Drive, Stanmark, Terminus City.[1]:p. 186


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