Arkady Abaza

Arkady Maksimovich Abaza (Абаза́ Арка́дий Макси́мович, 1843, Sverdlikovo, Kursk Governorate – January 16 [O.S. January 3] 1915, Kursk) was a Russian composer, journalist and pianist. He studied in St. Petersburg with Alexander Dreyschock for fortepiano and singing in the class of Camille Everardi. Later he was an associate of Hans von Bulow. He taught and was director of a music school in Sumy (1877-81) and then in Kursk (1882-1915). Among his students, at Kursk, was Nikolai Roslavets.[1]

His most famous song is "Foggy Morning" (Утро туманное) to lyrics of Ivan Turgenev.


  1. ^ Music of the Twentieth-Century Avant-Garde: A Biocritical Sourcebook - Page 398 Larry Sitsky - 2002 "He [Roslavets] had lessons at Kursk with Arkady Abaza, who had been an associate of Hans von Bulow and was a journalist as well as a composer and pianist. "