Aristo of Alexandria

Aristo (or Ariston) of Alexandria (Greek: Ἀρίστων ὁ Ἀλεξανδρεύς) was a Peripatetic philosopher and a contemporary of Strabo in the 1st century. According to Philodemus, he was a pupil of Antiochus of Ascalon. [1] He wrote a work on the Nile.[2] Eudorus, a contemporary of his, wrote a book on the same subject, and the two works were so much alike,[3] that the authors charged each other with plagiarism.[4] Who was right is not said, though Strabo seems to be inclined to think that Eudorus was the guilty party.

Ἀρίστων ὁ Ἀλεξανδρεύς
Bornfl. 87 BC
SchoolPeripatetic school


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