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Arianus may refer to:

  • Arianus (Ancient Greek: Ἀριανός) was an ancient Greek of the 3rd century BCE; he was a friend of Bolis, and was employed by him to betray Achaeus to Antiochus III the Great in 214 BCE.
  • From Ariana, a term used by some Greek and Roman authors for a wide area of Central Asia
  • From Arius, an Achaemenid region centered on the city of Herat in present-day western Afghanistan
  • Saint Arianus, 3rd century governor of Ansena, killer of martyrs such as Saint Colluthus, later a Coptic saint himself
  • Arianus, a fictional world in the Death Gate Cycle by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
  • Apodemus arianus, a mouse of family Muridae
  • Eriophyes arianus, a species of acari in genus Eriophyes

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