Arian (disambiguation)

Arianism is a nontrinitarian Christological doctrine.

Arian may also refer to:

Pertaining to AriusEdit

  • A follower of Arius, a Christian presbyter in the 3rd and 4th century
  • Arian controversy, several controversies which divided the early Christian church
  • Arian fragment, Arian palimpsest


Groups of peopleEdit

  • Arians or Areians, ancient people living in Ariana (origin of the modern name Iran)
    • Aryan, a term associated with the Proto-Indo-Iranians
    • Aryan race, the racial concept
  • An inhabitant of Aria (today's Herat, Afghanistan), used by the ancient and medieval Greeks (as Ἄρ(ε)ιοι/Ar(e)ioi) and Romans (as Arii)

Given nameEdit


  • Arman Arian (born 1981), Iranian author, novelist and researcher
  • Asher Arian (1938–2010), American political scientist
  • Laila Al-Arian (born 1980s), American broadcast journalist
  • Sami Al-Arian (born 1958), Palestinian-American civil rights activist
  • Praskovia Arian (1864–1949) Russian and Soviet writer and feminist
  • Bruce Arians (born 1952), American football coach and former player
  • Jake Arians (born 1978), American football player


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