Argentine División Intermedia

División Intermedia was one of the divisions that formed the Argentine football league system. Established by the Argentine Association in 1911 as the second level, teams that won the championship promoted directly to Primera División. With the creation of División Intermedia, Primera B become the third division.[2][3]

División Intermedia
Founded1911 [1]
Folded1932; 89 years ago (1932)
Level on pyramid2 (1911-26)
3 (1927-32)
Promotion toPrimera División
Relegation toSegunda División
Most championshipsBoca Juniors II
Defensores de Belgrano
(2 titles each)

Tournaments organised by dissident body Asociación Amateurs de Football (established in 1919) were named "Extra" in contrast with the "Intermedia" division by official Association. When both leagues merged in 1926, Segunda División became the second level again, and División Intermedia was moved to the third level of the league system.[2] This lasted until 1932 when the Argentine Association eliminated two divisions (including División Intermedia) due to a restructuring of the system.[4]

List of championsEdit

The División Intermedia was the second level of Argentine football (1911–26) then becoming the third (1927–32) until its dissolution.[5]

Season Champion Runner-up Level
1911 Estudiantes (LP) Independiente
1912 Ferro Carril Oeste Platense
1912 FAF [note 1] Tigre Hispano Argentino
1913 Huracán Gimnasia y Esgrima (F)
1913 FAF Floresta General Belgrano
1914 Honor y Patria (F) [note 2]
1914 FAF Defensores de Belgrano Burzaco
1915 Gimnasia y Esgrima (LP) Honor y Patria (F)
1916 Sportivo Barracas Buenos Aires Isla Maciel
1917 Defensores de Belgrano Vélez Sarsfield
1918 Eureka [note 3] Almagro
1919 Banfield Del Plata
1919 AAm [note 4] Barracas Central Quilmes
1920 El Porvenir Argentinos Juniors
1920 AAm General Mitre Liberal Argentino
1921 Dock Sud Liniers
1921 AAm Palermo Villa Ballester
1922 Boca Juniors II [note 5] All Boys
1922 AAm Argentino del Sud Villa Ballester
1923 Boca Juniors II [note 5]
1923 AAm Liberal Argentino Talleres (RE)
1924 Chacarita Juniors Bristol
1924 AAm Excursionistas Talleres (RE)
1925 Sportivo Balcarce
1925 AAm Talleres (RE) San Telmo
1926 Nacional (A)
1926 AAm Honor y Patria San Telmo
1927 Unión (C) Liniers
1928 Acassuso
1929 Gimnasia y Esgrima (L) Libertad
1930 La Paternal Barracas Juniors
1931 25 de Mayo
1931 LAF [note 6]
(Not held)
1932 Sportivo Alsina
1932 LAF
(Not held)
  1. ^ The Federación Argentina de Football (FAF) was a rival association that organized its own championships from 1912 to 1914.
  2. ^ There was another "Club Honor y Patria" sited in Floresta, Buenos Aires and founded in 1905, that won the 1914 Primera B title although it was later defeated by San Lorenzo de Almagro by 3-0 and did not promote to Primera División. Honor y Patria from Floresta (disestablished in 1920) has been often confused with Club Honor y Patria from Bernal.[6]
  3. ^ Merged to Club Atlético Palermo in 1920.
  4. ^ The Asociación Amateurs de Football (Aam) was a rival association that organized its own championships from 1919 to 1926. Second division championships organised by the body were named "Extra".
  5. ^ a b Reserve teams of Primera División clubs which took part of the championship along with the clubs from the Second Division.
  6. ^ The Liga Argentina de Football (LAF) was a dissident professional association that organized its own championships from 1931 to 1934, when it merged the official body (AFA).

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