Argentina (river)

The Argentina is an Italian river in the province of Imperia.[3]

Taggia Ponte romano.jpg
The so called Roman bridge on the Argentina
Physical characteristics
 • location
Ligurian Sea
 • coordinates
43°49′53″N 7°51′35″E / 43.8313°N 7.8598°E / 43.8313; 7.8598Coordinates: 43°49′53″N 7°51′35″E / 43.8313°N 7.8598°E / 43.8313; 7.8598
Length39.2 km (24.4 mi)
Basin size207 km2 (80 sq mi)[1]
 • average4.77 m3/s (168 cu ft/s)[2]


Motorway bridge on the Argentina

Its source is near the French border. The river flows past Triora and flows south before emptying into the Ligurian Sea, near Arma di Taggia.

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