Area code 985

Area code 985 is the telephone area code for southeastern Louisiana, excluding the inner ring of the New Orleans area. The area code was created in 2001 when it was split off from area code 504.

Area code 985 as of 2001–2007.

Area code 985 also originally included areas southeast of New Orleans. However, in 2007, these areas switched back to 504. These communities are on both sides of the Mississippi River in "lower" Plaquemines Parish, including Pointe à la Hache on the east bank, with Port Sulphur, Buras, and Boothville on the west bank. The area's local switching facilities were almost completely destroyed due to flooding from Hurricane Katrina. Since the nearest switching facilities were in New Orleans, it was decided to put these downriver communities back in 504. Permissive use of 504 alongside 985 to reach these areas once again began on July 29, 2007; mandatory use of 504 began on July 1, 2008.

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Louisiana area codes: 225, 318, 337, 504, 985
North: 601/769
West: 225, 337 area code 985 East: 228, 504, 601/769
South: 504, Gulf of Mexico
Mississippi area codes: 228, 601/769, 662