Archery at the 1996 Summer Paralympics

Archery at the 1996 Summer Paralympics consisted of eight events.

at the X Paralympic Games
Archery pictogram (Paralympics).svg
Paralympic Archery
Competitors78 from 23 nations

Medal tableEdit


1  Poland (POL)2103
2  South Korea (KOR)2024
3  Italy (ITA)1214
4  Japan (JPN)1124
5  Germany (GER)1012
6  Finland (FIN)1001
7  France (FRA)0112
  Great Britain (GBR)0112
9  Netherlands (NED)0101
  Switzerland (SUI)0101
Totals (10 nations)88824

Participating nationsEdit

Medal summaryEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's individual standing Ryszard Olejnik
Jean Francois Garcia
Tae Sung An
  South Korea
Men's individual W1 Martti Rantavouri
Kurt MacCaferri
Koichi Minami
Men's individual W2 Ouk Soo Lee
  South Korea
Jappie Walstra
Udo Wolf
Men's teams standing   South Korea (KOR)
Tae Sung An
Hyeon Cho
Hak Young Lee
  Poland (POL)
Stanislaw Jonski
Tomasz Lezanski
Ryszard Olejnik
  Japan (JPN)
Masao Sato
Kenichi Nishii
Mitoya Ishida
Men's teams W1/W2   Germany (GER)
Hermann Nortmann
Mario Oehme
Udo Wolf
  Italy (ITA)
Giuseppe Gabelli
Marco Mai
Luciano Malovini
  South Korea (KOR)
In You
Doo Oh
Ouk Soo Lee
Women's individual standing Malgorzata Olejnik
Anita Chapman
  Great Britain
Marie-Francoise Hybois
Women's individual W2 Hifumi Suzuki
Sandra Truccolo
Paola Fantato
Women's teams open   Italy (ITA)
Paola Fantato
Roberta Lazzaroni
Sandra Truccolo
  Japan (JPN)
Masako Yonezawa
Shigeko Matsueda
Hifumi Suzuki
  Great Britain (GBR)
Rebecca Gale
Kathleen Smith
Anita Chapman

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