Archery Association of India

Archery Association of India (AAI) is the national governing body of archery in India. Its headquarters are located in New Delhi, and its current president is Arjun Munda, AAI is a non-profit, government funded organisation affiliated by World Archery Federation (IAF), Asian Archery Federation (AAF) and Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and recognized by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of India.[2][3]

Archery Association of India
Founded8 August 1973
AffiliationWorld Archery Federation
Affiliation date1973
Regional affiliationAsian Archery Federation
Affiliation date1978
HeadquartersNew Delhi
LocationNew Delhi
PresidentArjun Munda[1]
SecretaryPramod Chandurkar
CoachDharmendrs Tiwari, Richpal Singh, Jiwanjot Singh
(founded)Vijay Kumar Malhotra
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AAI came into existence on 8 August 1973 after archery was reintroduced to the Olympic Games in 1972. It is responsible for organising, promoting and controlling the sport of archery in India.[3]

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