Archdeacon of Bodmin

The Archdeacon of Bodmin is a senior ecclesiastical officer in the Church of England Diocese of Truro. The role was established by Order in Council on 21 May 1878,[1] two years after the diocese itself was created, by splitting the Archdeaconry of Cornwall.

The archdeacon has statutory oversight over the archdeaconry of Bodmin, which is one of the two principal divisions of the diocese and covers its eastern parts. The archdeaconry includes five deaneries: East Wivelshire, Stratton, Trigg Major, Trigg Minor & Bodmin and West Wivelshire. Originally, the archdeaconry consisted of six deaneries – Bodmin and Trigg Minor were separate and East Wivelshire and West Wivelshire were referred to as East and West respectively.

The archdeaconry is vacant following Audrey Elkington's retirement.

List of archdeaconsEdit


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