Archaeology Museum, Sogamoso

The Archaeology Museum of Sogamoso is a museum on the archaeological findings in the area of sacred City of the Sun Sogamoso, Boyacá, Colombia. The museum hosts 4000 pieces of the Muisca and the Herrera Period.[2] The museum was founded in 1942 by archaeologist Eliécer Silva Celis who helped building the reconstruction of the Sun Temple in the museum. The archaeology museum is since 1953 curated by the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, based in Tunja.[3][4]

Archaeology Museum
Museo Arqueológico de Sogamoso
Templo del sol.jpg
Reconstructed Sun Temple
Archaeology Museum, Sogamoso is located in Colombia
Archaeology Museum, Sogamoso
Location within Colombia
LocationCalle 9ª No. 6-45
Sogamoso,  Colombia
Coordinates5°42′34″N 72°55′27″W / 5.70944°N 72.92417°W / 5.70944; -72.92417Coordinates: 5°42′34″N 72°55′27″W / 5.70944°N 72.92417°W / 5.70944; -72.92417
Collection size4000
FounderEliécer Silva Celis
DirectorMargarita Silva Montaña[1]
CuratorUPTC, Tunja


The museum contains an archaeological park, paleontology, pre-Columbian and Muisca sections. An area is dedicated to the mining of carbon, musical instruments and cloths of the Muisca, mummies, metallurgy and reconstructions of the bohíos (houses) of the Muisca. The main attraction is the reconstructed Sun Temple of 18 metres (59 ft) high.[2][5]

The museum also hosts a sculpture of the last iraca of Sogamoso; Sugamuxi.

The museum organises workshops[3] and around the winter solstice[6] the Fiesta del Huán, related with the Conchucua fountain where the iraca would take his bath.[7]

In 2015, a grave was discovered on the terrain of the museum.[1]


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