Archaebranchinecta barstowensis

Archaebranchinecta barstowensis is a species of fairy shrimp (Anostraca) that inhabited California during the Middle Miocene (13.4 million years ago).[1] Its fecal material is abundant in the concretions from the Barstow Formation.[2] A limited number of whole specimens have been found, and they represent the "best-preserved fossil anostracan known to date".[1] The closest relative of A. barstowensis appears to be Archaebranchinecta pollicifera from the surroundings of Lake Titicaca,[1] and the two have been separated from the genus Branchinecta as the new genus Archaebranchinecta.[3]

Archaebranchinecta barstowensis
Temporal range: Middle Miocene
Archaebranchinecta barstowensis.jpg
artist's restoration
Scientific classification
Rogers & Coronel, 2011
A. barstowensis
Binomial name
Archaebranchinecta barstowensis
(Belk & Schram, 2001)

Branchinecta barstowensis Belk & Schram, 2001


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