Arc (Provence)

The Arc is an 83-kilometre (52 mi) long river in Southern France.[1] It arises at an elevation of 470 metres (1,540 ft), close to the village of Pourcieux. It then passes through Aix-en-Provence before flowing into the Étang de Berre, a lagoon connected with the Mediterranean Sea to the west of Marseille. Its drainage basin, with a surface area of 716 square kilometres (276 sq mi), is divided between two départments, Var and Bouches-du-Rhône.[2] The Bayeux, the Cause and the Torse are its tributaries.

Arc 20130615 Aix-en-Provence 11.jpg
The Arc flowing near Aix-en-Provence
Physical characteristics
 • locationPourcieux
 • elevation470 m (1,540 ft)
MouthÉtang de Berre
 • coordinates
43°30′24″N 5°6′49″E / 43.50667°N 5.11361°E / 43.50667; 5.11361 (Étang de Berre-Arc)Coordinates: 43°30′24″N 5°6′49″E / 43.50667°N 5.11361°E / 43.50667; 5.11361 (Étang de Berre-Arc)
Length83 km (52 mi)
Basin size716 km2 (276 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionÉtang de BerreMediterranean Sea

The Roquefavour Aqueduct passes over the river; Paul Cézanne's Mont Sainte-Victoire and the Viaduct of the Arc River Valley is the best known piece of art representing the Arc.


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