Arbinda attack

On 24 December 2019, a large group of militants on motorcycles attacked civilians and a military base in Arbinda, Soum Province, Burkina Faso. The attack and subsequent battle lasted several hours, resulting in the deaths of 35 civilians, 7 soldiers and 80 attackers.[1] The attack was one of Burkina Faso's deadliest. A 48-hour state of mourning was declared after the attack.[2]

Arbinda attack
Part of the Islamist insurgency in Burkina Faso
Date24 December 2019
Result Burkinese victory
 Burkina Faso Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Islamic State of the Great Sahara
Unknown 200 - 300
Casualties and losses
7 killed
17 wounded
30 - 80 killed
35 civilians killed


The militants first attacked a military outpost in northern Soum Province near Arbinda, killing 7 soldiers. The attack was eventually repelled by security forces. Around 80 attackers were killed during the clashes.[3]

At the same time, dozens of attackers on motorcycles stormed into Arbinda, killing 35 civilians. The attackers supposedly targeted women, as 31 of the dead civilians were female.[1] The battle and attacks lasted several hours, until the militants were pushed back by the Burkina Faso Army with the help of its air force.[4]


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